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An Achnasheen Estate

Offgrid Hybrid: Hydro & Solar

Proterra Energy was employed to carry out the upgrade and refurbishment of an off grid hydro system for a remote lodge near Achnasheen.

The new system aimed to maximise the use of the hydro generated power while minimising the use of the on site diesel generator and to automate the system for ease of use.

The final installation comprised a new turbine and control system coupled with a 40kWhr Lithium-Ion battery bank.

The system was also given a user friendly interface to allow for ease of operation and monitoring.

Off Grid Energy Scotland Micro Hydro and Diesel Generator







Hydro Scheme Specifications





24 l/s


Off Grid Energy Scotland Micro Hydro and Diesel Generator
Off Grid Energy Scotland Micro Hydro and Diesel Generator

“I’d be delighted to recommend Proterra to anyone thinking of installing a small scale hydro.  Our challenge was to build a resilient system in a remote glen to power a small lodge which is let to holiday makers. Terry and Neil designed and installed a system that has exceeded my expectations.  They were professional throughout, their expertise shines through their work, they were transparent on costs and came in on time and on budget.  I like that they are an owner managed, local business - and they were a pleasure to deal with." 

Off Grid Energy Scotland Micro Hydro and Diesel Generator

Estate Owner - West Highlands


Since the installation of the offgrid system, Proterra revisited the site at Achnasheen to install a 3.4kW Solar array. 


This array works in partnership with the hydro to supplement power to the lithium ion batteries in the dryer seasons, when the available water flow is less.


Integration of solar power with existing offgrid systems has proved to be an excellent example of how different types of renewable power can compliment each other.  We have now installed multiple offgrid systems with combinations of Wind, Hydro, Solar and Back up Diesel Generators.

no-integrated hydro REV02.png





340W Half Cell

July 2021

Solar Specifcations

Install Type:

Roof Mounted

To learn more about making off grid energy work for you, contact us and speak to one of our experienced engineers.

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