Diesel Generator maintenance and servicing Off Grid Energy Scotland

Diesel Generator Maintenance

At Proterra Energy, we understand the importance of diesel generator maintenance in safeguarding the performance and reliability of these systems.


Whether your generator forms part of an integrated grid-system or is installed in isolation as a permanent power supply or emergency backup, we can provide a quick response and experienced servicing.


Regular maintenance of your diesel generator ensures you will get maximum efficiency from your system and prolongs its life saving you time and money as well as shielding you against sudden and unexpected system failure.


Off Grid Energy, Diesel Generator Servicing and Maintenance

Our 12

Point Check

When servicing a generator, we employ our 12 point diesel generator check.  These checks help us to identify potential problems before establishing and delivering a repair solution ensuring your generator system delivers it full capability and maximising uptime.

  • Cooling system check              

  • Lubricant System Check

  • Filter Check

  • Drive Belt Check

  • Drive Coupling Check

  • Running/ Maintenance Hours Check 

  • Fuel System Check

  • Emissions Control System Check

  • System Performance Check

  • Grid/Output Safety Check

  • Generator and Electrical Safety Check

  • Safety Systems Check

Off Grid Energy, Diesel Generator Servicing and Maintenance

Free Initial Site Visit

As we service schemes all over Scotland, we are in a position to offer our Clients a free initial site visit  next time we are in the area to provide you with our 12 point Diesel Generator Check.  If you are interested in a free visit by a Proterra Engineer we would be delighted to hear from you, or for more information check out our projects page.

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