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Solar Power

We specialise in the design of Large Scale Domestic and Commercial Solar Energy Systems, harnessing energy from the sun and optimising it for electrical consumption .  When combined with battery storage, these systems can significantly offset the energy you import from the grid. 

In order to get the most out of Solar, it is important that it is built with your energy consumption in mind.  PV systems can be customised to meet individual needs, supplementing power to your property and helping reduce energy bills. If the system is too small, it may not offset enough of your energy usage.  Too big and the payback of this type of installation may not be fully realised.


Exporting excess energy to the grid is possible but with rising energy prices, offsetting your energy usage may be the most important factor to consider with solar installations.

Hydro Scheme Maintenance and Servicing Off Grid Energy

Our Service


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  • Off grid and On grid Solar Installations

  • Ground Mounted and Roof Mounted Arrays

  • Battery Storage and EV Car Chargers

  • Solar PV and System Health Checks

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Hydro Scheme Maintenance and Servicing Off Grid Energy

Initial Site Visit

We typically design and install Large Scale domestic and Commercial Renewable Energy Systems, offering tailored solar generation solutions for your property and your consumption patterns.

Due to a marked increase in the number of small scale domestic solar enquiries that we have received, we have had to implement a £500 fee for a dedicated survey and design visit on these smaller projects, this is however deductible from the installation cost if you chose to progress the project with us.

We have unfortunately had to take this measure to protect our business viability after experiencing repeated instances of carrying out site visits and providing bespoke designs only for them to be taken elsewhere. As a small business, this level of lost revenue is unsustainable.

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