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A West Coast Estate

Offgrid Hybrid: Hydro & Solar

Proterra Energy was employed to determine a practical energy solution for a remote off grid Estate on the west coast.


A low head hydro scheme was identified as the best option for meeting all the power requirements of the Estate in a manner that would ensure the sustainabilty of all the Estate's activities.

The result was a 36kW hydro scheme, coupled with an intelligent power hub including an 80kWhr battery bank.

The system powers a lodge, 8 other properties and a walkers bothy.

Off Grid Hydro Scheme Scotland Renewable







Hydro Scheme Specifications





125 l/s

West Coast

Off Grid Hydro Scheme Scotland Renewable
Off Grid Hydro Scheme Scotland Renewable
Off Grid Hydro Scheme Scotland Renewable

Estate Owner 

"Proterra was involved in our project right from the start.  It was a challenging and ambitious project with energy generation, storage and distribution.  To have an adaptable and solutions oriented company like Proterra involved was superb.  They are professional and trustworthy and I would recommend them to anyone with an off grid energy project."


As the the electrical demand on the West Coast Estate grew, Proterra Energy was asked to design and integrate a compatible Solar Array.

Ground Mounted solar frames come with the ability of optimising the angles and south facing direction of the arrays, increasing the potential energy generation.


The introduction of Solar on this site supplements the power generated by the hydro in the dryer months and increases the overall on site generation.  The two renewable generation technologies compliment each other well when integrated with offgrid systems.





June 2021

Solar Specifcations

Install Type:

Ground Mounted

345W Half Cell Panels

To learn more about making off grid energy and hydro work for you, contact us and speak to one of our experienced engineers.

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