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Proterra Energy
Our Story

Founded in Drumnadrochit in 2012, Proterra Energy works across Scotland delivering Renewable Energy Solutions on and off grid.  We work with Hydro, Solar and Wind renewables with specialist knowledge of batteries and backup generator systems to balance performance with cost while minimising environmental impact.  We have been designing, installing and commissioning renewable energy systems since 2012 and have a wide range of experience working on schemes from as as small as 250W up to 813kW providing service support to operators from Islay all the way to Loch Eribol on the north coast of Sutherland. 

Micro Hydro Scotland Off grid Energy Hydro Maintenance and Servicing

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a fair and ethical renewables company providing a quality engineered solution for our customers, through the appropriate combination of renewables, battery storage and where appropriate backup generators


 As an experienced team we handle every aspect of our projects from the feasibility to the construction and final commissioning.  This allows us to deliver an affordable service and means our Clients know exactly who they are dealing with every step of the way.


We are a skilled team of engineers experienced in planning and funding as well as civil, mechanical and electrical design.  We utilise these in-house capabilities to create intelligent systems suited and adapted to our Clients specific needs. 



We are based in the heart of the Highlands but service a large network of generation systems across Scotland, working to combine visits whenever possible, passing savings on to our Clients.


Employee Spotlight: Alasdair

Alasdair joined us as part of the Kick Start programme.  His role was mainly workshop-based although when required he travelled to the site to assist engineers with system servicing and installation.

At the end of the programme, we sat with Alasdair and asked if he had enjoyed his work experience and whether he would like to stay on.   He agreed and for the next 6-9 months he worked with our teams across our projects, on civil, mechanical and electrical tasks, site and workshop-based.  During this period we spoke regularly with Alasdair about the work he undertook and what interested him and he identified working on electrical systems as his favourite.   We discussed future learning opportunities and the opportunity to start an Electrical Apprenticeship arose.  In 2022 Alasdair started his apprenticeship at UHI, completing his first year in June 2023.

This year he is working through his SCQF Level 5 courses, including elective courses in Testing Electrical Equipment and Circuits and Assisting in the Installation of Electrical / Electronic Equipment.


I enjoy the different variety of jobs that I get to go on a weekly basis. I have been to many different jobs, for hydro, solar and wind turbines. The first job that I stayed away for was down Huntly way in a castle, Craig Castle. That in itself was very appealing, the job consisted of inspecting hydro turbines over 100 years old. This instantly took my interest about the job and made me want to work here because I enjoy the variety of jobs . I have installed many of solar energy systems also, from ground mounted and distillery systems including one job where we put 133 panels onto a distillery roof down in Ardnamurchan that went very well. It has been up and running, producing lots of power for the distillery and making a change on their bills.


Another system that we have just put in was a ground mounted offgrid system in Mull. This array was along a 2km cliff track to a lighthouse. This array was the opposite of the previous one, this one was ground mounted using a scaffold frame, with 10 panels which was completed in just 2 days all functioning and producing power.


Another thing I enjoy about working here is the group of workers we have. We are a smaller company with 10 people working together who all get along very well. Ever since I started here I was treated excellently, when I needed help I was given it straight away. If I ever had any questions about anything I could ask anyone because there is such a wide range of experience in the company, with all happy to explain and teach me. This was really encouraging because it made me feel welcome and have the want to learn and experience new things.


To see some of our hydro schemes in action, check out or youtube channel on the link provided.

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