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Hydro Power

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of hydro schemes typically up to 250kW. Our experienced team handle all aspects of project development including feasibility, funding, design and planning, licencing, installation and maintenance.

Whether you are an individual, rural business, estate or community group, Proterra Energy can help you harness your natural resources and make them work for you.

Hydro Scheme Turbine, Green Renewable Energy

Making Hydro Work for You

Hydro Scheme Turbine, Green Renewable Energy

Hydro schemes rely on the flow of water to produce electricity.  If you have access to water then you have the potential to produce your own electricity.  The amount of electricity produced is determined by the volume of water available and the height that it falls. This electricity can be used to power your home or business and off-set your energy bills.

We appreciate that everyone's needs are different and we work to design a system that is suited to our Clients requirements. We aim to incorporate a range of intelligent technology including power management and load prioritisation for off-grid generation alongside battery systems in order to optimise your system.

Battery systems, both alongside and independent of hydro generation, are a key part of our work and vision towards a more flexible energy system.  In the face of rising energy prices, battery banks can help you generate savings on your energy bills as well as reduce carbon emissions while securing you against sudden and unexpected system failure.  To learn more about our projects or battery storage, check out our battery system page and our projects page.

“I’d be delighted to recommend Proterra to anyone thinking of installing a small scale hydro.  Terry and Neil designed and installed a system that has exceeded my expectations.  They were professional throughout, their expertise shines through their work, they were transparent on costs and came in on time and on budget.  I like that they are an owner managed, local business - and they were a pleasure to deal with." 

Estate Owner  -  West Highlands

Hydro Scheme Maintenance and Servicing Off Grid Energy

Small-Scale hydropower has the highest UK public acceptance among all renewables and comes with the least visual impact.

Every hydro scheme built now should still be generating in 2050 and beyond contributing to the 80% CO2 reduction target.  This is not the case with any other power generation technology.

In Scotland, Hydro generation output works best in the winter months when energy is most needed.

Hydropower can support the planned electrification of the transport network by providing generation in remote communities and for vehicle charging points in areas where it would otherwise be impossible.

Hydropower varies only slowly with river flows and is available 24/7.  This helps to make it the most reliable, secure and consistent form of renewable generation.

Hydro is the world's leading renewable energy source and the most efficient and long lasting method of harnessing clean energy.  Here are some of the reasons why you should choose hydro:

Why Choose Hydro?

Scotland's hydropower industry operates throughout remote and rural Scotland and so their construction supports local employment, businesses and supply chains.

Operational hydropower plants produce no hazardous waste streams, do not lead to contamination issues and schemes can be decommissioned with minimal cost.

Reference:  British Hydropower Association

Source:  British Hydropower Association

To learn more about our hydro services, check out our projects page, or just give us a call.

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