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Hydrotrailer is a cost effective, fully mobile, easily deployable hydropower system that provides renewable energy and clean water with minimal set up.  It is designed for use in the developing world as a solution to rural electrification.

Off Grid Hydro Rural Electrification Technology Solution

At Proterra Energy we specialise in creating bespoke energy solutions for some of the world's most challenging places.  One example of this is Proterra's own innovation HydroTrailer.

HydroTrailer is a mobile, quickly deployable hydropower system that provides clean, renewable energy with minimal set up.  It is ideally suited for remote off-grid sites such as villages, national parks, outposts and remote operations.  With its inbuilt battery storage, Hydrotrailer provides peak outputs of 3kW, enough to power a small minigrid.  It's mobility and durability alongside its ability to work in a wide variety of sites solves issues of rural electrification and energy access in the developing world as well as a disaster response and relief measures.

Check out our video to learn more!

HydroTrailer Specifications

Power Output: 

Battery Charge Rate:

Head Requirement:

Flow Requirement:

Unit Weight:

Unit Dimensions:

Supplied With:

Bolt Ons:

3kW (10A/6A/240V)


15-60 Metres

2-9 litres per second

500 kg

Length 1.5, Height 1.15,

Width 1.1 (m)

Turbine, Generator, Inverter, battery pack, 200m of penstock pipe, intake screen, 50 metres of supply cable.

Water Filtration System,


Off Grid Hydro Rural Electrification Technology Solution

HydroTrailer Key Features 

Cost Effective

HydroTrailer has been designed to be an affordable power solution to rural, off-grid generation.


HydroTrailer is road transportable and stores all its components including penstock within a compact and durable trailer.


HydroTrailer can provide peak outputs of up to 3kW, enough to provide lights to over 50 houses in the developing world.


HydroTrailer provides clean, reliable energy with minimal noise and no civils required for installation.

Tried and Tested

HydroTrailer has proven, standardised components with minimal maintenance requirements.


HydroTrailer can be installed at a wide range of sites and has modest head and flow requirements.

Off Grid Hydro Rural Electrification Technology Solution
Off Grid Hydro Rural Electrification and Clea Technology Solution Water

If you would like to know more about HydroTrailer, make an order, or request our HydroTrailer information pack we would be delighted to hear from you.

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