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Proterra Energy

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Proterra Energy specialises in the design installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.  Whether you are on or off-grid we can help you create a system that is reliable, cost-effective, efficient and suited to your needs.

Our vision is to be a fair and ethical renewables company providing a quality engineered solution for our customers, through the appropriate combination of renewables, battery storage and where appropriate backup generators. 

Micro Hydro Scotland Off grid Energy Hydro Maintenance and Servicing
Micro Hydro

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of micro hydro schemes.  We operate throughout Scotland with a focus on the Highlands and Islands and are starting to expand into the international market.

Our Services

We are local energy specialists with a wide range of experience designing renewable energy systems that link production with consumption through a combination of Hydro, Solar, Wind, Generators and Battery Storage.  We maintain over 60 renewable energy systems across Scotland.



We have designed, built and commissioned over 20 micro hydro schemes in Scotland.  Together these schemes generate over 2,238,000 kW annually, enough to power over 600 homes throughout the year.


What Our Clients Say


"Proterra Energy installed & have serviced my micro hydro for the last 6 years.  Their work ethic, knowledge & professionalism have far exceeded anything I had expected.

Nothing but great things to say about this company,


Highly recommend them!"

West Coast Croft  -  Owner

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