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Upgraded Offgrid System with 12kW Solar

We upgraded an aging offgrid system for a Client in a remote location @Lochhournhead on the West Coast of Scotland.  The existing system was at capacity and with new property developments and refurbishment of existing properties coming on line the Client was keen to increase the capacity of their offgrid system.  Key to this was also to integrate renewables to the existing diesel powered system.


We carried out a survey for hydro and identified several small burns that could produce meaningful generation, but consenting costs and challenges meant these required a longer term approach.  However, we were able to suggest and design an solar array system as part of the increased power and storage capacity of the offgrid system.

The system has been designed to be extended in the coming 12-18 months as more power and storage capacity is required.  Additional solar can be roof mounted on the adjacent buildings and we will work with the Client to see if we can make the hydro a reality.  Technically very possible, but like many small schemes, suffering from costs and logistics of a consenting process that seems to presume against micro / pico hydro generation.


Whilst the surrounding landscape means the solar is sub optimal in a grid connected world, for this offgrid site it is producing meaningful renewable power (12kW delivered through the middle of the day a week after it was installed in February) reducing the business’ reliance on fossil fuels.






Offgrid 12kw

380W Half Cell

February 2023

Offgrid Scheme Specifications


12kW Solar

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