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A Busy Week!

Monday started with the installation of the wind turbine foundation and solar panels on our latest hybrid project, taking Offgrid – Ongrid, up in Caithness. System is pretty much there, waiting for arrival of the wind turbine in May.

Monday we also received a signed proposal for assisting with the replacement of a C&F20 wind turbine for one of our Clients on Islay.  An island project with some logistical challenges but one we look forward to in June.

Tuesday a new enquiry from a major supermarket chain, who would like us to investigate options for generating renewable energy from watercourses in land they own next to their stores. Whilst discussing this we had a call from another customer to see how we can support the design & installation of hybrid renewable generations on an offshore platform being repurposed for carbon capture and storage. If that goes ahead, it will take a few of us back to the old days of offshore work.

Wednesday we received a P/O to kick off the design phase on one of our largest offgrid systems to date, with hybrid hydro and solar. Its another project taking Offgrid – Ongrid and is in the Western Isles so we are looking at some innovative thinking around building and testing the offgrid system in the workshop and then shipping to site on a couple of lorries.

And to end the week we had a visit to a large local distillery to look at installing hydro on their main incoming process water pipeline. Whilst there we discussed a trial solar installation on their workshop roof. This will be in conjunction with a wider innovative energy supply system that the Distillery is already developing as part of their net zero ambitions.

A real diverse range of projects but all with a common theme of hybrid generation and innovative systems.

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