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Innovation from waste

Crafting Sustainability at Proterra Energy

At Proterra Energy, our commitment to renewable energy extends beyond our core business operations. We believe in a future where sustainability is not just a goal but a way of life. As part of our efforts to minimise waste, two of our team members recently reused items left over from installations to build things they required.

Reel Easy: A Picnic Bench with a Twist

One of our talented team members recently transformed a leftover cable reel from a hydro installation into a charming picnic bench. With a little online research for similar ideas on Youtube and a touch of creativity, they built a unique and attractive piece of outdoor furniture. The seat legs were creatively constructed using pipe bearers salvaged from a refurbishment job near Spean Bridge. Even the screws were recycled from dismantled shuttering used to build an intake weir! This project is a testament to our belief that with a little imagination, nothing has to go to waste.

A New Home for Chickens: Repurposing a Battery Box

Another team member faced a challenge with an old chicken hutch. Instead of discarding a handy battery box from a solar storage installation, they repurposed it into a cosy new home for their chickens. With some creativity, they installed a door and a vent, using an offcut of grillage from a hydro scheme outfall and hinges and latch recycled from the old chicken hutch. Ninety minutes later, the chickens moved into their new home. It may not last forever, but it's a beautiful example of how we can breathe new life into something that would otherwise be discarded.

Beyond the Backyard: Sharing with the Community

These battery boxes have become our modern-day tea chest equivalents. We've passed them on to neighbouring farmers, who have found innovative ways to recycle them for storing feed and other essentials. It's a small gesture that reflects our wider dedication to both community engagement and responsible environmental care.

These stories are more than just tales of recycling; they are a reflection of our company's ethos and the innovative spirit of our team. We are proud to share photos of these projects in our upcoming blog post, showcasing the tangible ways we are working to minimise waste and promote a sustainable future.

At Proterra Energy, we are not just building renewable energy solutions but fostering a culture of creativity, responsibility, and care for our planet.

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